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The Stage Plays

Party Games (1993)

Staged many times including at least two Edinburgh Fringe productions (1993 and 1996). For details of the 1996 production see the Patchwork Penguin Productions website.

See here for synopsis and download

Scam (1994)

Staged at Bath University. Commended in the 1994 Questors playwriting competition.

Intimate Strangers (1995)

Staged briefly in Bath prior to a visit to the Edinburgh Fringe in 1998. For details of the production, including reviews, see the Patchwork Penguin Productions website.

See here for synopsis and download

A Secret Shared (1997)

"Ray Stone, the famous Thriller writer, is working on his new book, a rip-roaring roller coaster story of Espionage, love, deceit and treachery. There's just one problem - he's got writer's block, and can only unblock it by having an affair. At the same time, on the other side of town, his wife is working for an Antiquarian book seller. Only, he's not a real antiquarian bookseller. He's a spy."

This has currently only had one rather ill fated production in 2002 where a succession of venue disasters turned a short tour into a one night only show in a music venue.

For details of the production see the Patchwork Penguin Productions website.

The Angel Ark (1998)

Performed twice in 1998, once at the Edinburgh Fringe, and then in a considerably modified version on the Ustinov stage at the Theatre Royal in Bath.

For details of the production see the Patchwork Penguin Productions website.

See here for synopsis and download

Afterlife plc (1999)

"With the imminent merger of Heaven and Hell, life for Geoffrey, the 400 year old monk in charge of Heaven's complaints department is about to become a whole lot more complicated. Geoffrey's only hope lies in the recently arrived (and recently deceased) Eric. Mixing together the realms of fantasy and reality, this is a darkly comic story of the corporate mega-merger to end all mergers. Dying is no longer the end of your troubles."

Written in a month, and staged in Bath at the Rondo theatre as part of a double bill (with The Bald Prima Donna). It's actually far too long for a one-act play.

There are about forty odd characters, but the play can be staged with a cast of eight with judicious doubling.

The story was also revamped, and turned into six half-hour episodes of a comedy series for radio. This was never transmitted, but some rogue copies do exist on CD.

For details of the both radio and stage productions see the Patchwork Penguin Productions website.

Sharpen the Spoon (2003)

Malcolm Brink is an engineer working on the illustrious "sea horse" artificial intelligence project. When his superiors can't agree on either what the project is called, or what the thing is supposed to do, he is beginning to question their lead. Suddenly the mysterious Emily, magician, librarian, and first aider appears in his life. Is her sudden arrival  in some way related to his recent promotion? Is there really a giant conspiracy, or is the entire organisation becoming an independent living intelligence?

A play that includes glove puppets, golf clubs and ghosts in the cast list that also manages to be about the nature of free will, determinism, self-awareness, and the behaviour of organisations.

The play has some forty characters, which can be played by between six and eight (very energetic) people (min. 1 female and 5 male)

The Glass Prison (2006) 

Tom and Maria are locked into an inescapable spiral of debt and retribution. The house of their dreams has been a ruin in a constant state of reconstruction for a decade, and the two high fliers from the bank are due to renegotiate the terms of their crippling "life-mortgage". 

The play has a cast of five, three female, two male.

The Anonymous Exhibitionist (2007)

A dangerous criminal emerges from a coma with no memory of who he is and why is he is the only prisoner in a vast secure hospital complex. Gradually, with the help of the medical staff, his memory begins to return. However, what he discovers is somewhat at odds with what both he and the staff are expecting, and it becomes apparent that there is a lot at stake in establishing his true identity.

The play has a cast of four (two male, two female).

The Films

For information on my films, see the Pigs is Equals Website. 

Other Stuff

Chimes (2002) - screen play

A teleplay for the BBC Southwest Breakers Competition, receiving a commendation. 

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