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Jon Thrower

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The following Jon Thrower plays are available for free download in pdf format.

Party Games

Jean and Brian are a small town couple whose uneventful  lives are overturned when they foolishly invite an explosive combination of old friends and ex-lovers to spend the weekend with them. The guests include the acerbic Richard, who left Brian's company in pursuit of a better career, and his socialite wife, Barbara. However, it is the hapless Emily, lecherous and neurotic by turns, whose suicide precipitates panic, and turns a disaster into a catastrophe. 

Cast of five (2M, 3F)

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Intimate Strangers

INTIMATE STRANGERS is a black comedy dealing with one man's obsession with another's misdeed. 

Tom and his fiancee move into a rented flat with two friends, only to discover that their landlord, Ellis, is now wifeless, and missing a living room of furniture. Tom becomes convinced that Ellis has murdered his wife, and sets about proving it, to the detriment of his relationship with his fiancee. Before long, Tom begins to realise that he and Ellis are not as dissimilar as he might wish, and that his own life is beginning to reflect that of the man he hates. The story has dark undercurrents of suppressed sexuality and stylized violence, and tackles themes of obsession, the breakdown of love and friendship and the border between fantasy and reality.

Cast of five (3M, 2F)

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The Angel Ark

A Biological Attack has rendered the surface of the planet uninhabitable and the last vestiges of the human race have taken refuge in a vast dilapidated underground shelter left over from the cold war. Only six now remain in the complex, with failing ventilation and heating systems requiring constant maintenance. One of their number is attacked in the tunnels, leaving them to face the possibility that there is something or someone down there with them.

Cast of six (4M, 2F)

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